Sjoerd’s 29th birthday

Virtuawl Pubcrawl

Due to Covid we’re all staying inside. This shouldn’t be a reason to not organise something for my birthday. So without further ado I like to invite you to join me this Sunday, May 3 at 15:00 on my Virtuawl Pubcrawl. First drink’s on me!

Q: But Sjoerd, how are we gonna do this?
A: Download the Virtuawl Pubcrawl bg starterpack on your computer and make sure you install Zoom, the video call service. Then all you have to do is click this link on Sunday at 1500 and set your virtual background.

Q: But Sjoerd, I don’t live in Amsterdam. Can I join?
A: Of course you can, just download the transportation pack

Q: First beer on you? 🎉
A: Yes, First beer on me. There will be music and prices.